Disclaimer and risk disclosure

forex dealsand leverage tax instruments aren,t suitable for all investors because they involve considerable risk and can lead to lose your capital.

In financial market, prices are so unstable and may take effect from political supervisory, or financial events. Therefore, before deciding about business in crypto or financial market you must entirely be aware of risks and cost of trade in this market.

You must consider your investing purposes, experience level, and risk taking. If necessary, you can use professional advices. We must remind you available information in the website aren,t interms of time real and accurate necessarily. In addition data and prices in the website aren,t provided necessarily by exchanges or markets, but market makers provide them. Thereore, prices may not be accurate and maybe different as compared with specific market prices. In the other words, they are implyed prices and aren,t suitable for trading purposes.

So, navasangold company and existing information provides don,t accept responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of your business or trust to exisiting information in the website , use, store, presentation ,correction, distribution, or transfer exisiting data in the website without explicit permission from navasangold company or information providers is forbidden. All the intellectual property rights in the website belong to providers or exchange institution of information provider.

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