Gold Stocks & It`s issues Around Of It
Publish Date : 2019/07/19 - 08:28

Gold stocks led to an increase of ASX200 on Friday and Asian markets benefited more from lower interest rates in the United States. Lower interest rate means less yield bonds.

Federal Open Market Committee, Jan Wilhelm, said Thursday that central bankers need to ‘act quickly’ as economic growth drops. Asian markets report that interest rates will drop, perhaps before the end of this month.

ASX200 increased 0.7% and Nikkei225 increased 1.7%. Motherboards have increased by 1% in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The US Dollar, as expected, was weak, as markets were suddenly surprised at falling interest rates.

Gold prices predict that the global rate will decline again (to a limited extent, so far, from post-crisis levels).

Meanwhile, the golden band experienced a jump of $ 22 in an attempt to destroy an Iranian UAV.

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