The impact of US Interest Rate On Asian Stocks
Publish Date : 2019/07/19 - 06:42

Asian stocks are rising this Friday due to lower interest rates by the Federal Reserve. Japan's Nikkei index increased 1.65% or 365 units, while Shaghai composite increased 1.2% or 32 units. South Korean and Hong Kong stocks rose 1% and Australia's S & P / ASX200 rose 0.85% or 56 units.

The central bank Thursday needed a quick move when the economy was in a weak position and the interest rate was low. Treasury yield declined, falling by almost 7% to 2.01%, and the possibility of lowering interest rates by rates by 50 basis points on July 31 rose to 42%.

The possibility of lowering the federal interest rate will help reduce US major indicators for the first time in three business days.

The S & P500 rose 0.4% and the NIAC composite increased 0.3%, while the average Dow Jones industrial average gained a small profit.

The federal government's expectations of the markets help to remain in good shape despite tensions in the Middle East.

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