ََAsian Stock Market Situation
Publish Date : 2019/07/18 - 06:43

Looking for widespread pessimism on Wall Street with political-commercial conditions these days, Asian stocks remain on a back foot before the European traders arrive on Thursday.

Not only did the US housing market data, but also the poor results of the CSX and Beige Book, have been exacerbated by the fear of China and the US-led warfare. As a result, all three major US indexes recorded a bad day, where the S&P 500 was down -0.65%.

Not only stopping China-US trade, but also cutting down the unexpected rate of interest rates by the Korean bank, which was the result of the fear of a war of commerce with Japan, contributed to the market risk situation.

Macroeconomic Ratios, US 10-year Treasury Profit, fell 8 basis point on Wednesday.

Looking at these shocks, the MSCI index for Asian and Pacific stocks ex-Japan dropped nearly 0.3% from Japan. Japan's Nikkei stock index is at red -1.81%. In addition, Kospi composite in south Korea dropped by -0.38%, while Hangseng's China rose by about 0.5%. Also, Australian ASX200 lost -0.38% due to poor employment data, while BSE Sensex India also dropped 0.2%.

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