S&P 500 nears historical highs
Publish Date : 2019/09/24 - 07:45

The S&P 500 Broad Spectrum Index continues to trade near historical highs. The main resistance level is still 3025.4, support is at 2972.3.

Investors are concerned about the development of the US-Chinese trade talks. Despite Trump's statements about the possible signing of the deal soon, the Chinese delegation completed its visit to the USA ahead of schedule and returned to Beijing.

Hong Kong is the source of risk in the global market, since protests intensified last weekend. If the situation continues, then the Chinese authorities can deploy regular troops.

In the American economy, another injection of liquidity into the banking system may become a separate cause for concern. So, the Fed plans this week to conduct repurchases agreements in the amount of $75 billion.

Today’s economic calendar, the index of housing prices, as well as an indicator of consumer confidence will be published.

Source: liteforex

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