Asia Pacific stock markets
Publish Date : 2019/07/17 - 07:30

Trade concerns returned Wednesday to Pacific and Asia stock markets. Singapore's poor export data helps to a worrying situation in the Oceania and Asian equity markets. Singapore exports fell by 17.3% last year, much worse than expected. Also, the situation for the series has worsened since February 2013 and contraction shocks continued in the second quarter of GDP. Singapore's economy fell 3.4% in the first quarter, according to data released last week.

There is talk of trade between Beijing and Washington, and US officials say they can add an additional $ 325 billion to China's imports. In this situation, the Nikke index was down 0.4%. Data released on Wednesday show that major Japanese companies have been heavily bought from around the world this year, with external purchases rising by about 30%.

The Shanghai index improved, while it lost 0.1%. The Hangseng index dropped 0.3% while the Kospi index was down 0.9%. Meanwhile, Australia's Asx200 Index gained the highest score

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