Asian stocks rise in light of trade talks progress
Publish Date : 2019/09/13 - 05:20

Asian stocks rise on Friday as signs of progress in trade talks between US and China is revealed. The European Central Bank monetary stimulus controlled the fears about global economy growth.

MSCI’s broadcast index of Asia rose 0.3% and Japan’s Nikkei rose 1% to its 4-month highs.

China and South Korea were closed for public holiday today.

US S&P 500 index rose 0.29% to close to its late July high of 3024.50.

Philadelphia shares index ticked up, too.

Some strategists believed that “Risk assets should find further support from accommodative policies, which are set to remain in vogue for some time.”

The United States welcomed China’s decision to buy US agricultural goods on Thursday, but the threat for increasing tariffs on Chinese imports is remained until two countries be prepare for trade talks.

Trump said that he wants a comprehensive deal with China but he didn’t rule out a temporary pact. However, economists believed that the trade talks will worsen or stay in same condition over the coming year.

Source: Reuters

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