EU worried about Irish border
Publish Date : 2019/09/05 - 10:56

Reuters - European Union Brexit negotiator, Barnier, told to the 27 member that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was reneging on London’s earlier commitments on the Irish border.

Barnier also pointed out that a meeting of the 27 national envoys that the EU must remain calm and that London has still not presented any specific proposals on replacing the backstop. He did, however, say that London clearly stated it only wants a very limited free trade agreement with the EU in the future and does not want to legally commit fair competition.

EU announced that UK assumption that a deal could be sealed at the October 17-18 EU summit and ratified before Brexit is due on October 31 was unrealistic.

Germany’s envoy believed that the latest round of EU-UK talks on Brexit would lead nowhere and was a waste on time.

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