Australia`s Economic Outlook From The Authorities` Point Of View
Publish Date : 2019/08/27 - 06:10

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on ABC Radio on Tuesday: "We are confident that the Australian economy will continue to grow and we will adopt the right policies to make this happen."

He stated that there is no requirement for investing in productivity-boosting projects rather than focusing on focusing on special dividends and share buybacks (Supported corporate investment in the stock market).

Debelle Keynote Deputy Governor of the Bank of Australia:

"At least interest rates are around zero to 0.5%.

The Bank of Australia has carefully looked at minimum rates in other developed countries.

We hope we never have to lower our rates.

The housing market shows signs of stability.

We would like to see more investment in infrastructure.

Climate change has had major consequences alongside global uncertainty. "

He said the outlook for interest rates and exchange rates as follows:

"The Australian dollar has fallen somewhat and may decline further. Further lowering the Australian dollar will help the economy If rates got down to around 0.5% would have to consider other options.

The Aussie extends its gradual decline and looks to test the 0.6750 level, as Debelle says RBA could consider other options if rates are slashed further to near zero.

Source; Fxstreet

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