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Publish Date : 2019/08/22 - 06:47

The latest news and analysis of the Bloomberg economy that can help you in your economic decisions:

  • Fed officials viewed their interest-rate cut last month as insurance against headwinds from the trade war and low inflation -- reasons that look even sharper as they move toward September. Officials took a little victory lap over their crisis bond buying
  • Consensus is building across the political spectrum that the cozy relationship between property developers and Hong Kong’s rulers constitutes a threat to stability. Ever-rising real estate prices have widened the divide between the haves and have-nots
  • The U.S. budget deficit is growing faster than expected -- set to widen to $1 trillion by fiscal 2020 and President Donald Trump’s trade war is weighing on the economy. Meanwhile, Trump said he’s the “chosen one” to wage a trade war with China
  • Tempting as it might be to think a stronger dollar offsets higher U.S. tariffs by making Chinese imports cheaper, the IMF says otherwise. The fund is also set to remove the age-limit for its chief, paving the way for the EU-backed candidate to replace Christine Lagarde
  • Indonesia’s central bank is ready to cut rates for a second time, but most economists aren’t convinced it will come as soon as Thursday
  • In Asia, one surprise increase in export growth is what passes for relatively good trade news these days, writes Michelle Jamrisko in the latest edition of Terms of Trade
  • Here’s a look at why Australia and New Zealand’s central banks are now pondering what until recently seemed unthinkable: QE
  • The RBI’s August minutes highlighted that closing the negative output gap will now take priority, necessitating further and deeper rate cuts, writes Abhishek Gupta
  • Russia and Turkey held urgent talks on connecting Turkish companies and lenders to the Russian central bank’s alternative to the SWIFT financial messaging system

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