China Economic Situation
Publish Date : 2019/07/12 - 15:45
TD analysts said that the Chinese-based trade data in June fell by -1.3% in the export sector and -7.3% in the import sector, with year-on-year proportions.
They said: "The trade balance was USD40.98bn higher than expected and the trade surplus with the US amounted to USD29.92bn, and the total trade with the United States fell by -13.5% year on year. Incentives and exports combined a weakness in activity And reflect global trade and China.
Part of the weaknesses in trade is due to the weakness of trade in some Asian countries, especially Korea. Reducing imports is a clear sign of China's slowdown. In addition, more stimuli are growing to grow further. This is likely to be confirmed next Monday, with a decline in GDP of 6.2%, with a year-on-year ratio in the second quarter.
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