Good Condition These Days For Asian Stock
Publish Date : 2019/08/09 - 06:50

Asian stocks were shaken ahead of a European meeting on Friday, according to Chinese-American trade news and China's inflation figure that mixes happiness and sadness.

Bloomberg said that US stops domestic firms from trading with China's Huawei, followed by US News Network (OANN) announcing US threats of more Chinese sanctions.

According to the data, the Consumer Price Index (CPI ) surpassed its optimistic forecast in July, but the producer price index (PPI) fell behind expectations.

As a result, the MSI index gained nearly 0.2% on Asia-Pacific shares. Japan's NIKKEI is on a positive rise, reaching 0.6% in profit. In addition, China's Hang Heng loses 0.18% but Australia’s ASX 200 and New Zealand’s NZX 50 cheer dovish statements from the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) Governor, also confirmed through quarterly monetary policy report.

In addition, India's BSE SENSEX gained 0.9% in news time, as investors gained speculation that the Indian government would take steps to help foreign portfolio investors.

Source: Fxstreet

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