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Publish Date : 2019/08/06 - 05:33

The Swedish Krone and Norwegian krone may experience unusual high fluctuations next week. New trade war tensions between China and the US have eased financial sentiment, bringing the S & P500 to a June low.

Italy's policies may once again shake European markets and reinforce risk deviations in the event of increased intergovernmental tensions . However, political risks in Iran may be a small boon to the Krone.

China-US trade tensions have had the greatest impact on the world economy. Pessimism over the two powerful economies has led to the biggest sell-offs in stock markets this year. Trade tensions rose last week after Trump announced a 10% tariff on Chinese imports of $ 300 billion.

Chinese companies reduced their agricultural imports from the US, according to state-run media. Of course, Trump will retaliate because it will hit him hardest in the 2020 election.

The Swedish central bank (Riksbank) has repeatedly said that two of the biggest risks in Europe are brexit and Italy’s precarious debt load. Eurozone debt crisis fears resurfaced last year and made their way into 2019 amid a budget deficit dispute between Rome and Brussels against the backdrop of a slowing global economy. A resumption of political risk with the current environment is even more dangerous.

source: Dailyfx

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