What you need to Know on Monday, August 5
Publish Date : 2019/08/05 - 07:12

What you need to Know on Monday, August 5:


China is contemplating retaliatory measures in the face of new US tariffs, and has therefore reduced the yuan against the dollar. In addition, the government cut off purchases of American agricultural products, although Trump had stated that Beijing had not fulfilled its promise to buy US agricultural products from the beginning.

The British government is involved in Brexit and by-elections last week, and it is said that parliament cannot stop no-deal Brexit.


The USD/JPY pair has fallen below the 106 range.

The EUR/USD pair has remained stable.

Today stocks and bonds have fallen.


Bitcoin and other digital currencies ended last week with a profit.

Gold climbed to over $1,450.

Oil prices have also fallen to some extent and have not reached equilibrium.

Source: Fxstreet

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