Asian Stock & Shanghai Talks
Publish Date : 2019/07/30 - 07:59

Amid recent pessimism about the Chinese-US trade deal, Asian stocks rose slightly ahead of the European session on Tuesday, as the Bank of Japan avoids fresh moves and mixed-trade titles and deceives buyers.

The Bank of Japan kept its monetary policy unchanged, but lowered short-term inflation and reports growth forecasts in its seasonal economic outlook, as well as unprecedented readiness for further easing policy. On the other hand, the Chinese media are happy about their recent increase in imports of US agricultural products , which in turn raises the latest doubts about the deadlock during the two-day trade talks in Shanghai.

Market trends are still skeptical of Brexit, that dragged the British Pound to multi-month low for several months while political tensions around the Middle East can be seen as a reason to curb optimism.

The US 10-year treasury yield clings to 2.06% by the press time as buyers and sellers struggle ahead of the key trade talks and beginning of the monetary policy meeting by the US Federal Reserve officials.

MSCI's ex-Japan Asia-Pacific stock index gained 0.29%, while Japan's NIKKEI stock index gained + 0.34%. In addition, Australia's ASX200, New Zealand's NZX50 and India's BSE SENSEX also benefited from market conditions.

In addition to the Shanghai headlines, speculation about tomorrow's Fed announcement and second-tier spending, housing data and consumer sentiment from the United States could also entertain market players.

Source: Fxstreet

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