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Publish Date : 2019/07/30 - 07:07

In Q2 2019, French GDP decelerated slightly to +0.2% in Q2 2019.

Household consumption expenditures decelerated to 0.2% which previously was +0.4%, while total gross fixed capital formation accelerated sharply to +0.9% after +0.5%.

Overall, final domestic demand excluding inventory changes accelerated slightly: it contributed 0.4 points to GDP growth, after 0.3 points in the previous quarter.

Imports remained almost stable in Q1 and exports grew at the same pace than previously (+0.2%). All in all, foreign trade balance did not contribute to GDP growth: 0.0 points, after −0.3 points during the previous quarter. Changes in inventories contributed negatively to GDP growth (−0.2 points after +0.3 points).

Source: Forexfactory

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