Asian stocks and trade talk frustrations
Publish Date : 2019/11/07 - 06:02

Asian stocks clung to their multi-month highs and bonds try a bounce. Reports indicated that a delay in signing US-China trade deal is possible, so investors are pessimistic about any progress in deal.

MSCI index dropped 0.1% and off a six-month high region hit earlier in the week.

Japan’s Nikkei which touched a 13-month highs on Wednesday, was on flat line as no progress has been met in trade talk.

South Korean’s shares rose 0.1% after hitting highest since May.

The news suggested that the sign of phase one trade deal could be delayed until December. Other announced that it can be signed after NATO meeting in early December.

Wall Street was underwhelmed by news, Dow jones ended Wednesday without any specific change, but S&P 500 rose 0.07% and Nasdaq dropped 0.29%.

Source: Reuters

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