Bad Impact Of Boeing On The American Economy
Publish Date : 2019/07/26 - 06:55

The Boeing Max 737 crisis has been devastating in the airline industry. It may also pose a hole in the American economy. The US Bureau of Commerce will release the US GDP report for the second quarter of Friday. Sluggish activity in the manufacturing sector, including Boeing's 737 Max production slowdown, is expected to be one of the reasons that the US economy will grow in the second quarter compared to the first months of the year. Boeing reduced its production from its best jet selling vendors (jet 737) last season, since it works on the software to fly the plane again. This week, Boeing Corporation said it could cut production temporarily if its flight permit increases every day. A maximum of 737 grundes has been completely changed in the aircraft industry. Airlines have abandoned their flights, the abandoned route, the airports abandoned, and the purchase of the aircraft has been suspended. It hurts the airline companies. Boeing is an extremely important supplier of durable goods and a major contributor to the US GDP (the US economy).

Expectations for Friday's GDP growth of 1.8%. Atlanta's FDI was 1.3%. Growth in the second quarter is likely to reduce growth by 3.1% in the first quarter. Also, the economy will face balances and trade wars.

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