Asian stocks and Texas Instruments revenue report
Publish Date : 2019/10/23 - 05:49

Asian stocks and US stocks futures fell on Wednesday following Texas Instruments revenue warnings and concerns about the world technology sector as well as after British lawmakers forced the government to halt the latest Brexit deal.

The S&P500 mini futures fell 0.3%.

Japan's Nikkei index remained unchanged after a loss of 0.4%.

MSCI declined 0.5%.

Taiwan's TSME fell 0.2%.

South Korea's SK Hynix shed 0.7%.

Japan's Tokyo Electron slumped 3.7%.

Texas Instruments, whose broad product line represents the world's chip industries, is forecasting a 10 to 17 percent drop in revenue this quarter. As a result, Texas Instruments shares fell 9.8%. Shares of other chipmakers such as Intel and Nvidia also declined.

Concerns about falling demand for micro industries and China-US trade disputes have also led to a further decline in Asian chip-related stocks.

Source: Reuters

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