Softer Rise In French Private Sector In July
Publish Date : 2019/07/24 - 11:13

the IHS Markit Flash France Composite Output Index fell from 52.7 in June, while a lower increase in private business activity was reported. Growth is slowed down by the service sector, which postpones the growth in business activity for the fourth month. But the increase has fallen from June and was quite mild. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector's returns to a shrinking backdrop, while the first increase was followed in four months in June.

Fees for private firms in France continued to increase in July. Inflation fell for the second month. The initial reduction in manufacturing output from May 2016 was behind the decline.

Similarly, spending by private companies is set to increase in July. Inflation has fallen since June, and service providers and manufacturing growers have been weakly registered.

Eventually, private sector firms kept their business profile optimistic this season, and the level of confidence was higher than in June.

Key findings:

▪ Flash France Composite Output Index(1 ) at 51.7 in July from 52.7 in June (2-month low)

▪ Flash France Services Activity Index(2 ) at 52.2 in July (52.9 in June), 2-month low

▪ Flash France Manufacturing Output Index(3 ) at 49.6 in July (51.7 in June), 3-month low

▪ Flash France Manufacturing PMI(4 ) at 50.0 in July (51.9 in June), 3-month low


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