US Non-farm payroll
Publish Date : 2019/10/04 - 08:58

Today we will have NFP news on economic calendar which is very important.the data is related to September.
in this regard,Goldman sachs anticipate that NFP data will be released at 150k in comparison to last session which was 130k.
this company is also optimistic about US unemployement rate and they anticipate the data will be released at 3.6%.but they expect Average Hourly Earnings will be released at 0.2% in comparison to last month which was 0.4%.
On the other hand we have Danske bank which expect the NFP data to be released at 100k for september which is far away from other's expectations to be 145k.
the weak data from NFP will probably increase the expectations over Fed rate cuts and further expansionary policies,the bank say.

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