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Publish Date : 2019/07/19 - 11:08

The last talk with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was announced by Reuters about Germany's economic situation.

"The German economy is in a difficult situation with a slowdown,"she said. "Weak conditions give us the message we should attempt alot and provide conditions for the better domestic economy.

The widespread economic downturn is due to uncertainty in global trade. It is hoped that progress will be made in the trade discourse between China and the United States. "

An analyst at Dansk Bank said yesterday, in Britain, along with a large majority of people, an amendment was passed, which would make it hard for the government to postpone the granting of parliament to the current bureaucracy on October 31.
"While it is impossible to avoid the consequences of Brexit without an agreement, it's very difficult for Borise Johnson (the probable prime minister's winner) to force Brexit without consent, sending it to Parliament," he says.
"About 17 conservative insurgents voted against our government, while supporting our point of view, it's difficult to reach the majority for unblocking Brexit. We may soon have the prime minister agree with Brexit, but this It does not change the calculations for its upcoming consequences. "

Federal Reserve Chairman Jame Bullard said in an interview with the WSJ a few minutes ago that a 25 percent interest rate cut would be appropriate for this month and that there would be no need for a further reduction in interest rates.


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