Daily trend
Publish Date : 2019/07/25 - 07:43

Daily Trend

Daily News : Today's news section is the most important news of the eurozone press conference and interest rate fixation that will remain unchanged, but if declarations focus on lowering interest rates, there will be a sharp decline in the euro in the future.

Ounce (XAUUSD): The ounce of gold seemingly fail 1418 to record a failing area of 1409 , also vendors have entered the market at times 1H and 4H . If it breaks again , it can fluctuate within the 20-28 range.

(EURUSD):The pair due to the support 1.1125 were broken with the announcement and the press conferance could keep the euro down to area 1.1045.

(GBPUSD) : pound hit the dollar yesterday as predicted by the numbers .Today it may fluctuate between 1.2440 and 1.2500.

(USDCHF) : According to the forecast yesterday, it reached near 0.8680 and showed a slight decline. Today, it looks like it can find these numbers again.

(USDJPY): The pair will continue to climb to 108.45, according to yesterday's analysts.

(USDCAD): this pair fluctuates between 1.3130 and 1.3160. Failure of each of these points can stabilize the rise or fall.

(AUDUSD): According to yesterday's analysts, the area reached 0.6970. Today, if the area is not backed by strong support, it will surely drop further to 0.6950.

(NZDUSD): The pair is expected to move at 0.6670, according to each retracement.

Oil: Crude oil remains at between $ 56 and $ 57, and the failure of either of these supports or resistors will determine the next move.

Dow Jones (wst30m): Dow Jones seems to have dropped from 27350 for today to 27220, and the loss limit could be over 27400.

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