Daily Trend
Publish Date : 2019/07/12 - 05:27

Daily Trend

Daily News : Today we will have the producer cost index in the United States, which seems to be better than expected today.

Ounce (XAUUSD): Gold rose to US good reports yesterday, causing more losses, but for today, attractive purchases seem to be between 1408 to 1405 at a loss in 1398.

(EURUSD) : As expected, the euro adjusted for a price of 1.1250, which is expected to rise in price for today between 1.1290 to 1.1320.

(GBPUSD) : GBPUSD was 1.2580 yesterday, with a loss below 1.2500, rising to 1.2570 and upgrading to 1.2520, we expect growth to hit 1.2580 today.

(USDCHF) : The pair recorded a correction to 0.9900, which reacted to the resistance spot, and is likely to continue its downtrend to 0.9860 today.

(USDJPY) : The US Dollar was expecting a sharp upside in the Japanese yen, which climbed 20 pips more than expectations, to see today's decreasing 40 pips fall from 108.40.

( USDCAD) : The 1.3030 price is said to be realizing, but the pair has broken the support at 1.3050 and could continue to plummet today to hit below 1.3000, the first target being 1.2980.

(AUDUSD) : Growth has been done to 0.6990 yesterday, and this growth can continue today to range from 0.7030 to 0.7050. High volume investment is not recommended.

(NZDUSD) : After colliding with the support point that was announced yesterday, its growth has already reached 0.6882, and this growth could continue for 20 to 40 pips.

Oil : Crude oil also has a support point of 60.20 and today the growth could continue, with a target of $ 60 for oil support today and target 61.20.

Dow Jonse (wst30m) : Dow Jones saw the target of 27,000 and earned a great deal of profit from its buyers. But for today, the index can have irrational fluctuation that have had a downward growth of up to 27100, and then rise to 27,200 in time.

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