Daily Trend
Publish Date : 2019/08/26 - 05:12

Daily Trend

Daily News: Today we will continue the G7 session on the economic calendar, and on the other hand, closures of UK banks may keep the Forex market calm in London time , but in the US timing, the market is reporting durable commodity orders , and with the new US tariffs on Friday, gold will open with positive gape and we will see a full swing week.

Ounce (XAUUSD): Ounce of gold due to the support that presented Friday`s daily trend is ascended by 1494 support, But it is not offered for trading today . But in other hand , it looks like any correction can be bought in ounces and could see 1568 targets.

(EURUSD): The pair observed the target of 1.1120 and could continue its erosional up to 1.1180.

(GBPUSD) : The pair due to the Friday`s daily analysis continued to climb after a correction . For today it may seem to have low upward fluctuations.

(USDCHF): The pair has fallen sharply and is likely to move towards 0.9700 after filling up its gap at 0.9735.

(USDJPY): Dollar on Yen looks like it can fall till 104.50 without filling its gap.

(USDCAD): The pair looks likely to climb to 1.3360 today.

(AUDUSD): Due to the trade war between China and the US Asian currencies such as Australia, whose economy is tied to China, may still be under pressure of sale , so it may continue to fall to 0.6690 today.

(NZDUSD) : The pair can continue its downtrend to the 0.6630 region.

Oil: Due to the trade war and falling production and falling oil demand, it looks like oil is under pressure and could reach as much as $ 51 a week, but it could be supported.

Dow Jones (wst30m): today , The Dow Jones in Forex market will grow to 25522 by filling up its gap and continue down to 25360 again.

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