daily trend
Publish Date : 2019/07/10 - 06:00

Daily trend

Daily News : Today, in the UK, there are reports of manufacturing and construction, which can have a significant fluctuation in the pounds crosses in the UK GDP reports.

We will also be reporting today on monetary policy of the Central Bank of Canada, which is expected to make no change in interest rates, but the reporting and meeting is important, and we will have a lot of fluctuations in the CAD crosses.

Ounce(XAUUSD) : Gold Ounce , according to the forecast of yesterday , saw a target of 86 . Today , if an ounce of gold can not hit more than 1400 , then every ascent will be attractive for target value from 1392 to 2014. Also , Federal Reserve member Bullard has lectures , and we have FOMC meeting that today can fluctuate gold in NewYork time.

(EURUSD): Regarding the timing of the daily frames , vendors have entered the market for the euro.The timing of the lower frames has reached their saturation zone and support of 1.1200 works well and does not look attractive for the deal`s trading.

(GBPUSD): Today, the pair could see a lot of fluctuations in London time. Today's position for the pair's news is that if it hits the top of 1.2480. if the pair reach the top of 1.2480 , it`s good to buy the pair with stop 1.2420 , with targets 1.2550 and 1.2580.

(USDCHF): For the pair there is still a buyer in the timing of the lower frames, but the timing of the daily forums is suspected to decline. Scalps can not enter the pair because there is no timing frame match, but considering the timing of short frames, it seems to be a recursive correction to 0.9920 And then climb to 0.9960 to 0.9980.

(USDJPY): Last day, we issued an order to buy close to the area of 108.50, since it's fixed at targets 109.15, it is expected that this uptrend will continue in the medium term, so be careful about selling in this currency pair.

(USDCAD): Climbing the pair yesterday, we are seeing today, given the importance of today's news, the pair could remain in its bullish direction and set targets at 1.3120 to 1.3100, with a target of 1.3200, and this climb could be based on reporting and quoting the Bank of Canada's interest rate.
(AUDUSD): The goals of the pair were seen yesterday . Today there can not be a ery high fluctuation and can react to the floor of 0.6900 , and will experience a modification of 30 to 40 pips.

(NZDUSD): Given the fall of the pair in time Asia, it seems that the trend will continue at a slower pace in London time and the best position for that currency pair will be watching.

OIL: according to an increase of 58.40 yesterday , for today we can still buy with goal 59 . But given the canadian news , if the currency is weak , we can see a weakening of the price of oil .There fore , it is better to use precition and volume for oil purchasing positions.

Dow Jones(wst30m): Dow Jones has returned to its uptrend after continuing the correction yesterday, and today it can climb from 26,800 to 26880, and the support zone 2675 is very important.

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