Daily Trend
Publish Date : 2019/08/19 - 05:09

Daily Trend

Daily News: Today we have no major news on the economic calendar in the financial and forex markets except for the consumer price index and current account in the European region.

Ounce (XAUUSD): Gold ounces in the 1502-1525 range seem to be fluctuating, and the breakdown of any support and resistance can determine the next trend, but it has more tendencies for price fall and correction, and is the best selling position from the ceiling.

(EURUSD): The pair does not seem to have the strength to climb this area and needs a strong support line. Today the pair may range from 1.1090 to 1.1070.

(GBPUSD): Good reports from the UK on Friday strengthened the pair as it may continue to rise to the 1.2200 range.

(USDCHF): The pair had a relative increase as noted in Friday's daily trend analysis and could continue today to 0.9830.

(USDJPY) : The pair is currently trading at 106.50 .It looks to be priced at 104.80.

(USDCAD): The pair is likely to grow to the 1.3290 area and then start to fall again.

(AUDUSD): The pair could rise to 0.6840 in the coming days.

(NZDUSD): The pair does not seem to have a specific price floor and can extend this downtrend and continue down to the 0.6400 range.

Oil: Long-term analysis of the oil is still in place, The upside was seen from the 54th area ,and today it can reach 55.78.

Dow Jones ( wst30m): The Dow Jones was opened by Positive gap at 26,000, and the reason for this rise could be Trump's tweet that we will work with China ,and for today can see 26100.

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