Daily Trend
Publish Date : 2019/08/16 - 04:28

Daily Trend

Daily News: Today in the economic calendar section of the financial markets as well as Forex we will have consumer sentiment at the University of Michigan and construction permits.

Ounce (XAUUSD): Gold ounces seem to have touched their monthly highs of 1534 yesterday , and it could be down to 1510 for today.

(EURUSD): This pair has fallen from 1.1160 to 1.1100 yesterday and looks to be able to move to 1.1045 for today.

(GBPUSD) : According to this pair it is possible to revisit area 1.2120 today.

(USDCHF) : Yesterday's target was 0.9786 and could be seen at 0.9810 today.

(USDJPY): The pair also saw the 106.30 target we highlighted yesterday. Today the pair can see 106.50.

(USDCAD): For this pair today buyers are looking forward to growth ,and it could grow to the 1.3360 area but the offer is not traded (yesterday's analysis is valid)

(AUDUSD): The pair could see a correction in the next few days , and 0.6800 support enabled. Also up 0.6815. (Yesterday's analysis is valid)

(NZDUSD): The pair could move to the 0.6489 area today. Buying seems to be attractive with little loss. (Yesterday's analysis is valid)

Oil: Crude oil fell to lowest level to 54 and buyers again raised to $ 55. It looks likely to grow to 55.65 today (yesterday's analysis is valid)

Dow Jones(wst30m): The Dow Jones could have a retracement to 25800 for today.

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