Daily Trend
Publish Date : 2019/08/09 - 04:44

Daily Trend

Daily News: Today in the economic calendar section, we will find factory production and GDP in England and unemployment rates and employment changes in the Canada,as well as the US producer cost index as a result of fluctuations in CAD, USD, GBP crosses.

Ounce (XAUUSD) : The gold ounce for today can be up to 1492 and the price is 1509.

(EURUSD) : According to yesterday's analysis, the growth trend could be in the range of 1.1250 to 1.1210( yesterday`s analysis is in place ).

(GBPUSD): According to yesterday's analysis, downtrend was recorded . sellers do not want the currency to grow and are in the range of 1.2200 to 1.2100.

(USDCHF) : The pair is likely to be revised to 0.9770 and then continue to fall to 0.9700 (yesterday's analysis is valid).

(USDJPY) : The pair we expected to fall to 105.58 to the areas of 105.70,and then backed up today looks to be able to grow to 106.34 and rebound back to 106.

(USDCAD) : The pair was down yesterday at 1.3220 as of today's breakdown. At 4H daily timing, buyers are present, but it is likely to fall to 1.3100 if it penetrates below 1.3185 with today's news. Otherwise ,Return to the previous ceilings again.

(AUDUSD): The pair touched a target of 0.6800 According to yesterday's analysis, today it can reach erosively the target of 0.6835 with a breakdown of 0.6835.

(NZDUSD) : The pair also revised the price due to our expectations and could range between 0.6500 and 0.6480 today.

Oil: Crude oil seems to have ranged in the 52-53, and today it could fall to the floor and then rise.

Dow Jones (wst30m): According to yesterday's analysis, Dow Jones up to 26380 showed up and hit his target easily, today it may have high volatility but erosively and bottom 26158 are very important (Offer not a heavy deal) .

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